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Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Meetings

Last night we held our very first family meeting. We talked about school, our holiday plans for this year, work, and anything else that popped into our minds. It felt good to sit on the couch, with our cup of tea or glass of wine and talk as a family unit. We were able to communicate openly what was going on with us as individuals and what we were internally planning for the next months to come.

Keeping your home organized and open communication go hand in hand. What is important to you in life? Family is number one on my list. What about you?

My family needs someone to lead them through each day, and I can do that only when I am calm and at peace with myself. It helps that they know what to expect from me and what I can expect from each member of our family.

In view of that, let's start with a plan for your homes. We will start at the beginning to eliminate clutter and improve family relations. Have a family meeting this week and make a plan. Get a journal or notebook and write down goals for the family, for your home, for you. Keep a list of your accomplishments so you can visualize where you started and see how far you have progressed. This will be a great opportunity to track your growth over the coming months.

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