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Monday, March 22, 2010

Sheds and Other Dreaded Beasts

It's been a long time since my last post. Getting a business off the ground, volunteering at school and being a full time mom and wife is taxing on a person. So I had to take some time for me.

The weekend was warm, so we were outside jumping on the trampoline and taking turns giving Alex wagon rides. Getting the wagon out of the shed was no easy feat. There was spilled grass seed all over, spare tires for the truck, work out equipment and then the outside toys. While the kids were playing with a friend around the yard, I took advantage of the afternoon to pull everything out of the shed and do what I do best: Organize! This was a hands-on, dirty, grimy job; but that is one of the best kind for me. When there is dirt all over my hands and its smudged on my face, when my jeans are dirty and I am hopelessy exhausted I know I have done a good job.

The tires now are at the back of the shed for another day, Chris will have to deal with those. (Tires for a F 150 should anyone be interested in buying them!) The little red tricycle is out for Alex and I adjusted the seat for him. He is still too young to actually pedal right now, but his tiny feet reach the pedals and he absolutely loves the bike. Red seemed like a odd color to buy for Hanna, however I knew the possibility of having a son one day existed. It makes my life less cluttered to have some gender neutral colors around the house. Anyone with children can probably attest to this as well!

The shed and the garage are dumping grounds for anything that we are scared to part with but are not using on a daily basis. Once out in the shed, we forget what is out there. Does this sound familiar to anyone? There are many areas of your house that can potentially be scary to deal with - basements, sheds, garages, the spare room - you know which room it is for your house. With spring upon us, it is a great time to pick a room and go through the contents. Make piles for garbage, recycle, donate, give to friends, etc.

Good Luck, and watch out for mice. They sometimes show up in the strangest places!

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